Mar 5, 2013

Iowa Winter Bliss

Grant and Nate set out with us to take on the elements after sleeping in "Iowa's Winter Bliss" for the night. This successful CEO of Contemporary Analysis ( and his work associate, Nate did a little business meeting at night, but it was coffee and eggs by the camp fire when we showed up the next morning. However they had already been greeted by a new friend (no name yellow lab - great dog by the way)!  It was a great day sharing the water and building friendships with these guys.  We look forward to having you guy's again and we'll make a trip to Omaha, NE for that dinner you promised too.  "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts and Tight Lines" guy's!

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In short this blog is about the "Driftless Experiences" through images of learning new water, catching fish, meeting new people and hang'n with friends.