Sep 8, 2013

Young Stud.....

We have all had those moments, when you just go, WOW?  Well on this trip I had that!  I had a cool opportunity to take a grandfather (Mark) and grandson (Lane) out on fly fishing teaching opportunity.  Both wanted to learn how to fly fish and had no experience, besides casting for pan fish on lakes.  Mark also wanted to spend this day with Lane his 10 year old grandson.  Truly, there is no better way to spend with your grandson then fly fishing! My opinion, I guess...

Now 10 years old was the time when I was taught how to fly fish by my father, so I get real excited to see young kids eager to learn this sport.  Lane did not let me down!  He got after it, from the first time I handed him that fly rod.  He took every bit of instruction I gave him and he attacked the water with it.  I was blown away and I was energized by his enthusiasm for the sport.  He listened, concentrated and attempted everything he was asked to do and found some success catching some fish top water feeding on the day. Lane was every bit a "Young Stud" that day. I think Mark and I got the same joy in watching Lane that day I can only imagine it was 10x the thrill for grandfather to share with his grandson the joys of fly fishing!

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Sep 5, 2013

Kindred Spirits.......

When you meet people for the first time, we all get a sense of the person and how we would describe them in our minds.  It was pretty easy with Brad. It was like looking in the mirror. Brad, who came up from Des Moines, IA for the day, is an athlete, runner (a good one I might add-he competes on the national stage), father, husband, hunter, outdoor enthusiast and now a fly fisherman!

The week of this trip it had been hot, humid and down right nasty.  However, in the driftless area, that can change depending on what scenic bluff or valley you drop into.  The day Brad and I fished together it did just that.  While the the rest of the state of Iowa was sweating, Brad and I enjoyed the coolness surrounding the hidden valley.  Brad came to learn and soak up what he could before heading to Colorado to fly fish with his brother (who lives out there).  He picked it up fast!  In only one day, he learned how to rig, tie knots, cast, present, set and land trout!  It was a real pleasure fishing with a kindred spirit who enjoys everything there is about the outdoors.  I look forward to seeing him again!

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