May 1, 2014

Wise Coach.....

I love baseball and I love baseball stories.  I guess it's the smell of the grass, the sound of the bat hitting the ball and the fresh taste of sunflower seeds in my mouth.  So when we have new toys getting unwrapped from their packages, it reminds me of a story of a wise baseball coach.  The wise coach witnesses his rookie infielder make an unexpected error.  The player then stops looks at his glove and shakes his head as if the glove had something wrong with it.  The Coach yells from the dugout out "Son it's not the glove. It's the man holding the glove"!  How true.  Now I admit, a great rod is hard to beat on the stream and it sure makes our job a lot easier, but I have to agree with the Coach on this one - the expensive glove the kid was wearing wasn't the problem, it was how the player performed with the expensive piece of equipment that mattered.  Ain't it so.

No matter what equipment you start out with, the best equipment is the one in your hands, not ours.  So bring grandpa's old fly rod or the newly fresh out of the box rod. We'll help you use it.

-Clear Eye's, Full Hearts & Tight Lines

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