Aug 9, 2014

I Got Your Back Sisters....

There is something about sibling relationships. It's that undeniable connection that takes place when we are growing up with our brothers and sisters.  They are the people we can trust, no matter the situation.  Certainly we fight with them harder then anyone else, but we also enjoy them more than anyone else- AND we always have their back.  Well if I had the choice to spend a day with either of my brothers, it would be chucking line for some sipping heads, like Meta & Ruth!

Meta is a former state track champion in the 100 & 200.  However, she is more than just a speedster- at one time she was even a former body builder.  She had a presence about her that made the whole day with her a pure joy.  She shared stories about her sister and you could see how much she admired and loved her sister and her family.  We then took to the water and once I handed her the rod, she had focus and drive to become a great trout slayer.  No doubt she is!

Ruth is an unbelievable wood crafter who has built a great reputation for herself through her work and writing.  She is an amazing and courageous women who is raising two boys alone after losing her husband to terminal cancer.  After meeting her, you can tell those two boys are lucky to have a mom with her heart.  They will grow into great men because of her.  Check out this tremendous ladies blog at She shared some of her knowledge with us and we were also able to talk a little Mac together (aka computer guru talk).  She picked up fish throughout the day and was just as focused on conquering the streams herself.  Mission accomplished Ruth!

 Looking forward to seeing you soon, Ladies!

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