Apr 27, 2014

You Don't Have to Swing a Big Stick...

It's been a steady flow of fisherman for us from far off to near by this past week, The streams are fishing as good as you could ask.  It's been cold and wet on most of the days for everyone, but it hasn't effected much on the streams to this point. One of our trips brought back a favorite.  Luckily Jim, brought his great fishing stories from around the world along with his bamboo and 2wt for the day on the driftless.  Thanks Jim we will see you again in the fall!

-Clear Eye's, Full Hearts & Tight Lines

Apr 15, 2014

April Showers

Rain or shine we all gotta fish! When it comes to April you never now what your going to get. We have seen sunshine, rain and even snow from late last week till early Monday morning.  Clients from Omaha, NE to Steamboat, CO have hit the streams and the elements with us.  We had full fledged veterans, explorers and rookies over the long extended weekend.  Each group found it's success primarily on BWO, emergers during dry times. While PT, chironomids and midges took home some prizes when things got wet.  If your coming this way, bring your layers, because it's "April fools"if you're not prepared in the Driftless.

Clear Eye's, Full Hearts and Tight Lines!

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