Feb 7, 2015

Where are we going? When will we get there?

So the song starts out like this, "Where are we going? When will we get there?" It's just what it feels like when I'm sitting at my vise and spending the time behind the light and magnifying glass.  It's my time to look at my flies in my fly boxes and look at what I need or what I think I will need.  It's also my time for tying flies that fit those needs.  Tying starts the preparation and is a  great investment of time.  However, I particularly have a love-hate relationship with  it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy putting together fly patterns that I believe  bring success and sometimes fly tying is just what I need to zone out for a while.... but it's a commitment and a necessary process, because not all fly distributors sell what flies I believe bring success.  So I grab some music, get some quiet time and settle in.

So hear me out on this one. I'm not of the school that you need to tie in order to be a good fly fisherman, because we know all flies are not created equal and neither are fisherman.  What really matters is that you believe in your skills and your fly box, weather it was store boughten or handcrafted.  Fly tying is just a participation in the process and I recommend if you have some time to learn the art of tying, it will bring you closer to an age of completion as a fly fisherman....  So as I sit  in front of my vise tonight, the song on the stereo goes like this...  "Where are we going? When will we get there? Is there an age we will call complete?.......  (Manzanitas -Trevor Borden)

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